Friday, 19 February 2016


Stone & Clay

Clyne 1849

In search of information Bill O’Brien, Brora, visited the Factor’s Office, Sutherland Estates, in Golspie and although they do not appear to have much in there nowadays Bill was most fortunate to be shown a hand-written book from 1849 containing all the folks who lived in Clyne then.

With permission Bill returned with his camera and photographed each page of this large book. He then kindly passed it to me for use on my website, with permission, as a new database.

For many entries there is great detail of the type of house they lived in, what it was built with, who built it, who paid for it and even who the current tenant succeeded in the tenancy.

Unfortunately towards the end there is little more than a list of names leading me to believe
that possibly there is a second book yet to be found!

The following details were transcribed by me from Bill’s photographs with the greatest care but if there should be any errors please do not hesitate to tell us and we will correct them.

Many thanks to Bill and to Sutherland Estates.

Using the Labels in the right column you may view the pages.

Click here for Google map of area

I also have an index which is useful insofar as it indicates which township to look in for each name. You may view it here.

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